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About our Black Bear Hunts


Black bear hunting is done from a treestand or a ground blind.  The hunting is primarily in the evening from mid afternoon until after the sun sets.  We offer Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts for a period of six days, Monday thru Saturday.  Our Archery hunting is done from large platfor stands approximately fifteen feet in the air at close distances of an average of fifteen yards.  The baits areset for optimal placement, so that your shot is quartering away.  The Rifle blinds are made from the natural surroundings and have comfortable seating.  Each Rifle blind has a rest to shoot from and are set up eighty to ninety yards away from the bait.  



Black Bear and Hunting Stats:


*Approximately 40% colored bears are taken every year.


*Many bears will score 18 in P&Y.  


*Average weight in the spring is 240 lbs. and in the Fall is 280 lbs.


*Hunts start on the 2nd Monday in May and go until mid-June.


*The Fall hunt always starts on the last Monday in August.


*We hunt bears over bait and we have a 90% or better opportunity for a shot.


*Bow hunters can expect shots at 18 yards or less.


*Rifle hunters will be set up for 100 yards or less.



Black Bear Hunts - Spring and Fall Seasons

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